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Signs That Your Trees Need to Be Cut

Believe it or not, trees are beneficial but they can be hazardous if they are poorly maintained. Give your trees regular trimming to monitor their size and shape, their condition, and the safety in your yard. But something is wrong with your trees, don’t forget to call a trusted tree arborist to conduct a thorough inspection and treatment.

But here are some signs that you need a tree cutting service:

If Dead

Don’t ever keep dead trees in your yard because they are dangerous. If they fall, they don’t just cause damage to your house or your neighbor’s property but also they may cause someone to get injured. Your yard won’t be safe for your children and pets while they are wandering and playing. Usually, dead ones have rotting trunks and there are growing fungi and unwanted plants on them.

If Diseased

A diseased tree must be checked to know if it is curable or not. If proven to be incurable and infectious, you have no other choice but to say goodbye to the tree. Tree cutting is the key to preventing the disease from infecting your other trees and plants.

If Too Near Your House

Trees that are too near your home are hazardous. Its fallen leaves and twigs cause dirt on your roof and gutters. They are hazardous if their branches hit on your windows and sidings, especially during harsh weather conditions. Its growing roots cause your concrete or tile floors to crack. Get them cut right away before the worst will happen.

Severe Storm Damage

After a severe calamity, some other fallen trees block your driveway and walkway. Some lean on your home, fence, or other trees. Make sure to extract them as soon as possible so that you can get back to normal life.

With 50 years of experience, trusting a professional like Doctor Tree is the right choice. If you need our quality tree cutting in Hagerstown, MD, be sure to contact us at (301) 745-5177 right away.

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