Tree Cutting in Hagerstown, MD: The Best Way to Trim

Tree Trimming Don’ts

Do you want to trim your trees for aesthetic or safety reasons? Regardless of your purpose, there are rules you need to follow. Before you proceed with the tree cutting or trimming, here are the don’ts you got to be extremely mindful about.

Don’t Trim in Other Seasons Except in Winter

Ok, this might still be possible but it comes with many risks. According to experts, the best time to perform tree cutting or tree trimming is during winter. This will prepare the plant for the upcoming spring. Also, with the low temperature, the fresh wound won’t attract botanical diseases and pests.

You can trim them in summer but just be careful about the said problems. You can work with a tree cutting company so that they can do something to protect your tree from any form of infestation. If there’s one season where you should never do it, that might be during fall. The damp temperature will make the wound vulnerable to fungus and viruses.

Don’t Cut the Branch Collar

If you observe your tree closely, you will find that there’s a bump located on the base of the main branches. The collar contains a liquid that is essential for the tree’s osmosis so it’ll never be a good idea to cut it along with the unwanted branch.

Don’t Cut Without Your Sanitizing Tools

Plants have a life, and yes, they are vulnerable to infection as mentioned above. So avoid using any tool on them without sanitizing it. Don’t use a dull one too. Sharpen it first or you can hire a tree cutting company to get the best finish.

Don’t Just Cut Randomly

A lot of property owners thought that they need to remove any dead branches on their trees to prevent the diseases from spreading all over the plants’ bodies. That’s a misconception. There are times when you don’t need to, and your tree cutting company can just restore them.

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