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Doctor Tree is a fully licensed and insured arborist that has been in business since 2012. Working with both residential and commercial clients in Hagerstown, MD, you can rely on our team to arrive at your location and take great care of your trees. We’re well-equipped and expert when it comes to:

Tree Contractor

Tree Contractor

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Maintenance is vital for your trees. When you want to keep a good branch structure and overall appearance for each of your species, ask an experienced arborist to take care of the trimming and pruning for you. In order for them to promote healthier growth and reduce risks, specialists will take down structurally weak and dead branches.

Tree Removal

There are times when you have no other option than to fell a tree. If your specific circumstances require you to take an arbor down, call Doctor Tree for the necessary assistance. These jobs require careful planning and execution. When you turn to us, all the work will be done with the help of professional equipment and supervised by experienced tree surgeons.

Stump Grinding

This service is designed to rid residential and commercial properties from decaying stumps that are likely to attract parasites. Stumps are often an eyesore and grinding them is a very common option for local property owners. Clear your yard from any unsightly features!

Aerial Bucket Lift

We operate air bucket lifts that allow us to install supporting cables when large, tall trees need a bit of reinforcement. Aerial platforms also access trees safely. If you are ready to work with tree experts in Hagerstown, MD, let us carry out the job with the help of this specialized truck-mounted equipment.

Reach us at (301) 745-5177 and tell us exactly what you will need! Whether it is a removal of a tree or just a pruning job, we’ll come to your rescue!

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